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Hello and welcome to our blog!  If you are reading this, you may be in the process of looking for a place to live in or around University Circle in Cleveland.  Thousands of people are coming to University Circle every year to pursue their dreams and aspirations at one of the Institutions of higher learning, medicine, and culture that are a big part of the unique draw of people to University Circle. 

Maybe you are coming to Cleveland for the first time, or another country, or maybe you are living in the suburbs and just want to be closer to University Hospital, CWRU, or CIA.  You might have an interest in urban real estate developments, green building, transit-oriented development, Cleveland neighborhoods, or where to shop or eat.   We hope to help you understand better what to expect, and how to plan for your move to this vibrant neighborhood.

This blog is written by lifelong local residents who have seen and experienced firsthand the ups and downs over the years of Cleveland,  University Circle, and Little Italy.  We have been involved , and have played a (very small!) part in the resurgence of Little Italy and Cleveland.  Having said that, we hope to give you an unbiased, insiders perspective on living and working in this area.   We hope to be able to answer some of the questions that you might have as a new arrival to this area, such as:

    What are Cleveland’s neighborhoods and suburbs like to live in? What is there to do for fun in Cleveland? What are the new apartment communities in University Circle like? Where are the best restaurants and bars? Where are the best places to shop for groceries and other things? How to get around Cleveland and the Circle (with or without a car)

We hope to help you get oriented before you arrive in the area, and make informed choices about were to live, and what to expect when you arrive here.  University Circle is a magnet for talented people from around the world, who study and apply what they have learned to exciting medical, technical, artistic, business, and legal endeavors!  We welcome you to  Cleveland, which can be a great place to live if you give it a chance!      

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